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Sweet sweet chaos:

In which we attempt friendship.
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[This journal is a sequel to the Harry Potter RPG called aperio. There is no money being made off of this, and all characters are copyright JK Rowling and all that lovely stuff.]

The basis of this RPG is that the houses have been mixed for fifth, sixth (Harry's gang), and seventh years. The new houses go as follows:

Slytherin - Professor Sinistra -
Harry Potter - hogwarts06
Greg Goyle -
Justin Finch-Fletchley - winedarksea
Luna Lovegood -
Hermione Granger -
Hannah Abbot -

Ravenclaw - Professor McGonagall - hogwarts08
Blaise Zabini -
Draco Malfoy - draconian_charm
Ron Weasley - weasley_king
Lisa Turpin
Cho Chang -
Millicent Bulstrode -
Lavendar Brown -

Hufflepuff - Professor Lupin - hogwarts15
Neville Longbottom -
Zacharias Smith - nicotinestained
Dean Thomas
Pansy Parkinson -
Tracey Davis
Ginny Weasley -
Theodore Nott - redbranchnott

Gryffindor - Professor Snape - solelysnape
Vincent Crabbe -
Seamus Finnegan - hogwarts01
Terry Boot - tajotadzio
Megan Jones
Padma Patil - onlypadma
Susan Bones -

Other Teachers & Ghosts
Filius Flitwick -
Madame Hooch - gotquidditch
Peeves the Poltergeist -

Anyone at the school who is not listed here or has no username next to them is available! We don't require experience or 'audition' entries; characters are given on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Feel like joining? Email the mod who is extremely approachable. :)