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During Christmas I originally had you as my Secret Santa and of course everyone was switched up but at the time I had a really great thought of a gift that I wanted to get you and since I'm not lacking for money and I came across the description while going through some files on my computer I had someone go to Honeydukes and they were able to make it for me. I hope you like it.

(( Inside is a small figure made of Black liquroice that changes into different types of greek and roman architecture as they were built and when you take a piece it change's into the ruins that are left. It rebuilds itself but only lasts for a week.))
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What a brilliant idea! It's extremely creative, and a perfect gift given my interests. I'm touched both that you thought of this for me in the first place, and that you went to all the trouble of having it made for me now. I've needed some cheering up of late, and this has done much to lift my spirits. Thank you. It is much appreciated. :D

I noticed that you were feeling a bit down and I have wanted to have it made for you since Christmas so I thought I would send it your way. I'm really glad that you like it.